Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010!

That's right, epic snowstorm of doom just got underway. Another weekend of snowy goodness. 30+ inches possible and the possibility of thunder snow! I would say "snowmageddon" is a pretty accurate name for this storm. I love the excitement and anticipation surrounding snow storms. I love watching the snow fall. I don't love having snow on the ground for the majority of the winter. I also don't love the cold that comes along with the snow.

I'm also not loving this particular storm because I am supposed to start my job on Monday. It's looking more and more like Monday will be a snow day for me. Which is fine with me, but I would kind of like to get my first day over with. I'm super excited about the job, I'll be a recruiting specialist, but I have no idea what to expect on my first day. I also have a lovely 1.5 hour commute to look forward to every day. Fun fun.

I did have a weird moment of realization the other day though. I went to Jazzercise with my future mother-in-law and I had to fill out an information card. It asked for occupation. Out of habit I almost wrote "student" but then realized that isn't true anymore. I actually had an occupation to write! Not student, not unemployed or seeking employment, not leaving it blank. It was a weird but exciting moment.

Speaking of Jazzercise... I had a BLAST. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from it. I am seriously out of shape from 3.5 years of living the life of a college student. Even the Wii Fit left me out of breath and wanting to fall over. 3+ years of Chick Fil A and Papa John's will really catch up to you. Anyway, I was excited to try something new but was worried I wouldn't make it through the class. By the end though, I was pumped up! Future mother-in-law gave me a coupon for 12 free classes so I have 11 more sessions to attend for free. I can't wait to use the rest of them.