Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Break is almost here!

Well obviously I have not done such a good job with keeping up with this blog. Oh well. Since this semester has started, I have had very little time to sit and collect my thoughts. Spring break is a little over a week away and I couldn't be more ready for a break. I'm enjoying this semester so far, but I feel like I cram so much into each day and don't take enough time to just sit and enjoy the little things. I think a week off from school will do wonders. I'm excited that it seems I won't have too much schoolwork to do over break, though I don't want to speak to soon.

The second issue of the Campbell Times comes out today. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out so far. 3 more issues to work on and then I'm done for the semester. It's really exciting to look at each issue and to have seen it gone from just a few story ideas to a full 12 page paper in just a matter of 2 weeks.

One thing that makes print week (or any week for that matter) go by faster is the fact that Lost is back on Wednesday nights. I love that show so much and this season has been beyond incredible. I've developed a routine of watching Lost on Wednesday nights and spending most of Thursdays reading recaps and theories. It's developing into a bit of an obsession. :D

I'm happy that I've pretty much made it through this week. Print week on top of a PR writing test, a problems in PR group paper being due, and a French test and writing assignment due made for a pretty stressful week. It's not over yet, but I feel like I've accomplished everything that needed to get done. Next week should be a bit easier, I have 3 tests but taking print week out of the equation will give me a lot more free time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Blog

I've finally decided to start a whole new blog. I think I've made a blog on almost every once popular blog site. Blurty was first. I think I was in 10th grade when I started that one. Then I moved on to LiveJournal. LJ provided a place to archive any 11th grade drama that occurred in my life. Some time during that year, I gravitated toward DeviantArt and posted my thoughts in that journal. After I grew bored with DA, I tried out Xanga for a while. Then, finally Myspace took over. I finally decided I would give blogspot a try. Only time will tell if this blog will go the same way as my others... abandoned and forgotten forever.

Anyway, I do want to try to keep up with this blog on a semi-regular basis. I enjoy reading old journals and old blog entries, no matter how embarassing it can sometimes be. It's a great way to see how much you've grown. I got my very first diary when I was 7 years old. From there, I can trace my thoughts through the series of journals I wrote in in elementary school to the million blogs Ive started over my years on the internet. It provides some fun times.

So enough blah blah blahing about blogs of the past. It's a new year and that means setting goals for 2009. This blog is a product of that tradition. I want to be better this year about writing down my thoughts. Goal #1 for 2009, though, is to have some kind of general plan for after graduation. Obviously, I know that plans like that can never bet set in stone, but I would like to have some idea about where I want to live, exactly what field I want to go into, and whether or not I want to go to grad school right away. This time next year, I will be done with college. Such a scary, but exciting, thought.

So that's about it for now. It will be interesting to see how many entries I actually have by January 1, 2010.