Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Journal Challenge, Day 4 - your favorite book

Day 4 - Your favorite book

This is another tough question. I can tell you that I tend to gravitate toward series of books. I love being able to really get into the lives and stories of characters and looking forward to finding out how their stories continue. I've always loved picking up a new series and reading every book. My favorite book series when I was in elementary school was the Baby Sitters Club:

I loved these books so much I was even a member of the fan club. I read every book in this series and even read the spin-off series, California Diaries. I loved reading about their friendships and adventures.

As I got older, I moved on to Gossip Girl. In middle school, I was a total GG fanatic.

I enjoyed keeping up with the fabulous adventures of Blair and Serena and all their Upper East Side drama. I tried reading the spin-off series The It Girl (which follows Jenny Humphrey to boarding school) but just couldn't get into it. I think the TV series ruined the Jenny character for me. But I do love me some Chuck Bass.

Finally, a favorite book post could not be complete without my hands down favorite series of all time (yes Kanye, OF ALL TIME), Harry Potter.

I'll admit, I totally hated Harry Potter when the books first came out. My mom bought me the Sorcerer's Stone soon after it came out. I read the first 3 chapters and HATED it. It ended up collecting dust under my bed for a couple of years. When the movies came out and there was even more hype surrounding the series, I thought it was the most annoying thing ever. My friend convinced me to watch the first movie one day and I was intrigued. I decided to dust off my book and give it another try and WOW! As soon as I finished the Sorcerer's Stone, I went out and bought books 2-4 (all that was out at the time) and I was hooked. I have never been so mesmerized. I became one of those people at the midnight releases who would get the book and then stay up all night reading it. I hadn't been that excited about reading since elementary school. Truly magical.

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